Where to Buy Sodium Nitrite Food Grade Price

Unit Price: USD 0.9000 - 1.0000 / Bag/Bags
Payment Type: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Min. Order: 1 Bag/Bags

Basic Info

Appearance: Granules, Powder

Usage: Water Treatment Chemicals, Rubber Auxiliary Agents, Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Coating Auxiliary Agents, Textile Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemicals, Surfactants, Electronics Chemicals, Leather Auxiliary Agents

Type: Carbon Black

Adsorbent Variety: Activated Carbon

Color: White

Purity: 98%

Additional Info

Packaging: 25kg/bag 50kg/bag

Productivity: no limit

Brand: Huijinchuan

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: Shandong,China

Supply Ability: no limit

Certificate: COA/MSDS

Port: Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai

Product Description

Product Application(Sodium Nitrite)

Uses as a coloring agent in the processing of meat products. Used as a general analytical reagent, oxidizing agent and diazotizing reagent. Also used in the synthesis of nitrites and nitroso compounds. Used as mordants, bleaches, metal heat treatment agents. Electroplating corrosion inhibitor, used as a disinfectant, preservative in medicine, etc. Used as mordant, bleach, metal heat treatment agent, electroplating corrosion inhibitor, used as instrument disinfection and antiseptic in medicine. Production of sulphur dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, basic dyes, dye aids, and H porogens. Also used in the production of amino azobenzene, para-aminophenol and other intermediates. Also used in the production of organic pigments, such as silver beads R, bright red, red powder, candle red, toluidine purple, scarlet lake, Lisol red, purple paste CK and so on. The pharmaceutical industry is used to manufacture pyrimethamine, aminopyrazine and the like. Used in the production of vanillin. Used as a bleaching of silk and linen. A mordant for fabric dyeing. Also used in metal heat treatment and plating corrosion inhibitors. Used in cutting oil, lubricating oil, antifreeze, hydraulic system. Use Sodium nitrite is a coloring agent that is allowed to be used in China. It releases nitrous acid under the action of lactic acid contained in the meat, and then decomposes the nitroso (N0), which can form a bright red nitroso myoglobin with myoglobin to protect the color. And can produce a special flavor. Sodium nitrite can also inhibit a variety of anaerobic Clostridium, especially for Clostridium botulinum. Our country can be used for pickling livestock, poultry canned meat and meat products, the maximum use amount is 0.15g/kg; the residual amount (calculated as sodium nitrite) meat products should not exceed 0.03g/kg, marinated salted ham, residual amount It can be used for meat cans of 0.07g/kg and should not exceed 0.05g/kg. Use As a coloring agent in the processing of meat products, it can be used in canned meat and meat products. It has a certain effect on inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms in meat products (special inhibition of Clostridium botulinum), which can improve the flavor of cured meat. Can be used as a preservative. Uses Meat coloring agents; antimicrobial agents; preservatives. It can be used in Japan for meat products such as canned meat, ham, sausage, bacon and corned beef. Ascorbic acid, erythorbic acid, cysteine, nicotinamide or the like can be used as a coloring auxiliary. Reference dosage 

Chemical Property

White or microstrips talk about yellow orthorhombic crystals or powders. Slightly salty. Easy to solve. Soluble in water and liquid ammonia, its aqueous solution is alkaline.


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  We guarantee that we sell genuine products and never reduce the purity.

  We guarantee that we sell genuine products and never reduce the purity.