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Model No.: CB5545825

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Assay Method: GPC, HPLC, UV, Other

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Application: Other

State: Powder

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Packaging: 25 kg/bag

Productivity: 500T

Brand: huijinchuan

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Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 500T


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1. Hypoglycemic effect Yam mucilage and polysaccharide can stimulate and regulate the body's immune system, lower blood sugar and enhance the body's resistance. The results show that yam has a certain anti-diabetic effect, which may be related to increasing insulin secretion and improving damaged islet β-cell function.
 2, anti-aging, anti-oxidation effect Research found that the anti-free radical activity of Huai yam has a certain correlation with the content of polyphenolic components in the extract. The study also found that yam saponin has strong ability to scavenge hydroxyl radicals: it has strong Fe3+ reducing ability, and its reducing ability increases with the increase of concentration, but it is not as good as the reducing power of vitamin C in the same concentration.
 3, immune regulation The immune regulation of yam extract is mainly related to polysaccharides.
 4, regulation of spleen and stomach function Yam has Buzhong Yiqi effect, has the role of regulating spleen and stomach function. Shen Jingen et al. found that the anti-ulcer effect of fresh yam extract may be related to improving the quality of mucus layer and increasing serum EGF content.
5. Anti-tumor and anti-mutation effects It is proved that the anti-mutation effect of yam active polysaccharide is mainly achieved by inhibiting the mutagenic effect of the mutant on the strain.
6. Lipid-lowering effect Feeding atherosclerotic mice with yam purified starch can reduce its lipid concentration. For mice fed free cholesterol and cholesterol-containing foods, yam can lower its cholesterol concentration.
7. Other effects In addition, studies have shown that yam also has the effect of preventing liver damage and antibacterial.


25 kg/bag


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We guarantee the sale of genuine products, and never reduce the purity used to deceive customers.

We guarantee the sale of genuine products, and never reduce the purity used to deceive customers.

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